A warm wine and whiskey cocktail made with real apples, organic cinnamon, and lemons? Sounds perfect. And, it is. Lush Apple Toddy can be served hot or cold. Make an apple wine slushie or a warm toddy. Either way, it's bursting with crisp apples, cinnamon, and refreshing lemons. Thirsty yet? Lush Apple Toddy it can be made in minutes. It's simple! Mix 1 bottle wine + Lush = a restaurant-quality wine cocktail.

Apple Toddy

SKU: L42007
  • Instructions:

    Heat for a hot toddy: heat 1 bottle of wine (750mL) + 1 bottle of water (750mL) + 6oz of Whisky (optional) + Lush Mix in a saucepan or slow cooker over medium heat. Stir well and enjoy. 

    To make frozen slushie: Combine ingredients as listed above in pitcher or freezer bag. Freeze 6-8 hours. Stir and enjoy! 

    Simple syrup mixer: In a sauce pan, combine: 1 package of Lush Mix + 1 cup of water. Heat up to a boil, simmeer and stir for 5 minutes, then cool. Perfect for mixed drinks, sodas and desserts!

    Single servings: 3oz wine + 3oz water + 2 tbsp of Lush Mix. Stir well in a saucepan and heat through, or freeze 2-4 hours for a slushie. 

    Wine Recommendations: Delicious in any white. We love a Riesling or a White Bordeaux.


    Organic cane sugar, organic apples (organic rice flour, organic sunflower lecithin), crystallized lemons (cirtic acid, lemon oil, lemon juice), organic ginger root, organic saigon cinnamon.